Our Classes

Live classes with passioned and qualified professionals delivered daily to your home.


MAT Pilates

Mat Pilates are classes based and developed following the original 34 Original MAT Exercises released by Joseph Pilates. A strong workout that challenges students to develop control over their minds and bodies while improving their posture, mobility and flexibility. Perfect for people looking to flow through movement, work hard and conscientiously and improve their quality of life. Beginners and Intermediate Classes.

Conditioning / PowerFlex

Classes are designed to increase your strength, endurance, coordination, and to help you improve your flexibility, mobility and balance.

Prenatal Pilates

Prenatal Pilates are classes for pregnant women that have been released by their doctors and/or physiotherapists to commence or return to their physical activities. These classes are designed to attend the unique needs of women’s bodies during pregnancy, address and help relieve commun pregnancy symptoms, such as back ache, swollen feet and legs and breathing difficulties and provide support and understanding of the changes their bodies are going through during the different stages of pregnancy (Private classes only).


Jazz is a fun way to burn calories and learn how to dance. Following a blend of jazz, ballet and modern dance techniques, HIIT exercises and strength and stretch modalities you will find your swing and love it! Every class ends with a choreography to help you move with joy, pump up your heartbeat and warm your soul!

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