Our mission statement

Our mission is to create an e-learning movement platform that offers people the opportunity to be part of a
community and improve their physical and mental health. We want to offer our members the tools to work on their self-practice by creating a platform that provides them the professional support needed in their wellness journey while stimulating their autonomy. Our main goal is to spread knowledge and create an environment where people feel healthier, more connected to their own minds and bodies and better informed about the wellness world.

Our staff

Nina Souto Maior is an experienced dance teacher and pole coach with over seven years of experience with Ambar – one of the most influential schools in Rio de Janeiro (Br).

She has a BA in Dance with Faculdade Angel Vianna (BR) and she became a certified Pole Dance Instructor 2015 after with Grazzy Brugner – forerunner of Pole Brasil – and has ever since dedicated herself to the style. She has certifications in X-tend Barre, Twerk and Pilates Method and her classes mix elements of dance, stretch and conditioning for a full body workout.

Yasmin Mello has a BA in Dance from Faculdade Angel Vianna (Br) and an MPhil in Theatre and Performance with Trinity College Dublin (Ire). She has over 13 years of experience teaching in the dance and wellness sector.

She is certified in the Pilates Method, Xtend Barre and others and believes the method allows instructors to find a unique way of teaching. Her classes combine elements of body awareness and conditioning as a path to a healthier lifestyle.

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