Exorcising your procrastinating inner demon

Let me tell you a little secret (but not really) about myself: I’m a Procrastinator! I will look at Pole videos and cat photos for ages before doing something I don’t really want to, and even when I want to, sometimes is stronger than me. It’s an everyday exercise to overpower the will to procrastinate my tasks.

Exercising for example, there are days where I change my clothes, set my mat, bands and everything I need for my daily exercise… BUT if I stop for a second to check my phone, that’s it! I’ll be sucked into another dimension.
Don’t get me wrong, I love exercising! I love the rush of dopamine and serotonin, I even love feeling sore the next day, but if I don’t reaaally put my mind into getting it done I’ll do everything else but.

With all that said, I’m here today to share with you, mobilisers, what works for me, what I do to avoid this nasty habit that is procrastinating.

  • Make exercising a habit! It’s easier to stick to exercising if you keep your consistency.
  • Set a fixed period of time of your day to exercise. Can you spare 10 min to a simple exercise? 5 minutes of meditation? Do a 30 min class? Do it!
  • Choose classes that you enjoy. When we do something that we really like is easier to focus.
  • Have a workout buddy. Sometimswe need someone to give us a little push!
  • Write down your (achievable) goals. Having goals is a perfect way to keep focus! But remember to make it achievable, otherwise we can only be another excuse to procrastinate once we don’t see immediate results.
  • Be kind to yourself, sometimes we just time off reality, but when it becomes a habit its no longer healthy.

How do you run from procrastination?

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