Stretching: why is so important?

Stretching is one of those things that are always forgotten on our daily routine and is typically associated with flexibility. What most people don’t realize is that stretching is an important tool for injury prevention, can improve posture, boost energy and increase your blood flow.
The lack of stretching can cause different types of injuries, for example, tight hamstrings behind your knees can cause a pelvic tilt which in turn might cause you pain on your lower back.
Here is some tips for your stretching routine:

  • Prepare Your Body: Warm up your muscles, making them less prone to straining or pulling when you begin your stretches. You can do simple warm ups such as hops, arm circles, hip rotations and half jacks.
  • Breath: This one may seem obvious, but is very common to forget to breath during the stretch and cause stiffness in the muscle. Relax and extend further with each exhalation. Keep this up throughout the stretch to help your body loosen up.
  • Know Your Limits: Learn to listen to your body .You should never experience more than mild discomfort during a stretch. As your range of motion improves, slowly increase how far you bend or how far you reach.
  • And last but not least: understand your particular needs. Each body is unique and have its own mobility range, some need to work into expanding it, some need to work on stability and strength.

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