Pole Dance and self-esteem

Body shaming is not a new phenomenon for women. For centuries society imposed an unrealistic image of how the female body should look like, and in the recent years, with the increase of social media, things have taken a whole new level. We are constantly consuming images of “perfection” on Instagram or Facebook, affecting the way we look at our physical appearance.  To be outside of that cookie cutter mold is almost a statement, not to be critical with ourselves and others is an everyday exercise.

Throughout my whole life I was always in and out of dance classes, gymnastics, sports, fitness classes in general, but was in a Pole Dance Class that I’ve found a new confidence with my body. There is something about being in front of a mirror in shorts and top, staring at every part of your body that the media may call as a “flaw” and to look around the class room and see bodies of all shapes and sizes doing amazing things, it’s a breath of fresh air in a world that is constantly telling you that you should change your looks in other to fit in.

And so I fell in love with Pole dancing, each class brings a new challenge, inspiring you to keep doing it more and more. Within a month I’ve started to notice the changes in my body, I’ve developed more upper body strength, my inner thighs were getting slimmer and stronger, my body was getting more sculpted.

The desire to improve my skills at Pole made me look for different styles of classes and exercises to complement my training, and all of the sudden my once a week class wasn’t enough for me, I wanted to Pole at every chance I could.
In a Pole Class you will discover ways that your body can move that you have never thought of, you will take pride in every single part of it, and you will also see it change, but not because you are persuing others opinions about how it should look, but because you are progressing, getting stronger, conquering new moves, stepping out of your comfort zone. You will stop looking for that false perfection and start a journey towards progress and self-love.

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