Welcome to Mobilise At Home!

We are so delighted to be starting this platform and happy that you have decided to join us on this journey!

This blog is one of the many digital medias we are using to share content and information about wellness, body and mind. In our platform you will find live and prerecorded classes that are customized to fit your goals. We want to make sure you have all the support you need in your journey towards a stronger and more connected body and mind.

Here you will find:

  • Tips on how to achieve your goals towards specific exercises;
  • Information about different aspects of movement anatomy and physiology;
  • Facts and curiosities about your favorite styles (yoga, pilates, ballet fitness, etc);
  • Nutrition and wellness tips;
  • Guest bloggers and much more!

Our aim is to stimulate the Mobilise Community to dig deeper into their curiosity and learn as much as they can about well-being and health. And the best thing is that we want you to help us build these structures!

That’s why we decided we want you to join us in developing the content so every month we will choose a few of the most active and engaged members of our community to choose the themes of our posts, to make sure the information we bring to you is the most relevant it can be for where you are in your path to wellness!

To join our community of Mobilise bloggers leave your e-mail bellow!

Thanks for reading and feel free to share the content if you like. The more Mobilisers the better!

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